What is happening to the Celtics

I wanted to be home so bad today, when I saw the news on twitter that Boston Celtics  general manager Danny Ainge had hired Butler head basketball coach Brad Stevens to replaced Doc Rivers.  I had so many things to say off the top of my head, that looking back now, might not have been appropriate.  With that being said, I still need to voice my utter displeasure at this move.

What in the world can Danny Ainge be thinking right now?  I think he’s lost his mind.  First, you let Doc walk, then you trade away Pierce, Garnett and Terry for a steaming pile of garbage and then to top it all off you hire a 12-year-old to coach the most storied franchise in basketball history for the next six years.  I don’t understand the thought process at all here.

Now, I know you are all thinking that I am ripping Brad Stevens, but I am not in any way.  What I’m trying to say is that he is just not a fit.  I think Stevens is a wonderful small college coach.  He has done remarkable things in his short time at Butler.  That is undeniable.  I also think he knows the game very well.  He’s shown that time and time again.  But just because a guy knows basketball doesn’t mean he can coach in the NBA.  a huge part of the NBA game is knowing how to balance egos and Stevens has never had to do that at Butler.  He wasn’t getting all kinds of big-time recruits so he never had to worry about that.  He has never had to coach a guy like Rajon Rondo.  What’s gonna happen to Stevens the first time Rondo challenges his manhood?   Lets not forget that even the “great” Doc Rivers almost came to blows with him, and Rivers has been around the league for a hundred years.  Butler has had exactly two NBA players ( that’s if you can call Shelvin Mack and NBA player ) in Steven’s tenure in Indiana and they were both pretty laid back.  You can’t just cut guys if they are causing problems either.  They have guaranteed contracts.  I don’t see Brad Stevens standing up to the kind of egos that the NBA game presents.

If you put that all aside, We don’t even know if Stevens can coach at a big time level.  You have to remember that Butler wasn’t in the Big East.  They played in the Horizon league for five of Steven’s six seasons, against the likes of Cleveland State, Green Bay, Detroit, Youngstown State, and Wright State.  Not exactly a who’s who of college basketball programs. Had he stayed at Butler, we would have seen if he could coach at a big time level on a day-to-day basis.  Since Danny Ainge threw 22 million dollars his way, Celtics fans get to see it instead.

I understand that Ainge wanted to make a splash but this isn’t the kind of splash that this Celtics fan wanted to see.  In my mind, Ainge should have gone with Lionel Hollins or George Karl.  They are both proven winners who know the NBA game.

One thought on “What is happening to the Celtics

  1. I’ve heard both sides of this, but what if it pans out? I think it’s premature to assume just because he coached in a weaker division and didn’t pursue blue-chips that he’s a poor investment. He’s always played his cards close to his vest and obviously saw this as his dream opportunity. We are talking about a guy who led a small school with backyard talent to two national championships. History is against him, but if I were a Celts fan, I would prefer this hire over a career traveler.


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