A shout out to Canada

At the end of my amazing Canada day I feel it necessary to reflect on my heritage in some small way.  I lived in the “great white north for more” than 15 years.  I spent my childhood there, in a tough, hard-nosed place called Hamilton.
Hamilton was (and I’m sure it still is) a giant melting pot which was just perfect for me.  I had wonderful friends of just about every ethnicity around.  None of us cared about our differences just what brought us together.  We had so much fun growing up together.  I still remember the parties we had and the mischief we caused.  We all thought we were so grown up, which is hilarious because I moved just after grade eight.
I remember like it was yesterday, the day my parents said we were moving to Utah.  I had never been so upset.  I didn’t want to move out of the Barton boundaries (the high school i would have gone to), let alone move 2000 miles away.  As the time came for my family to move I managed to convince my parents to let me stay behind for two months to graduate from middle school.  Those last few months were awesome.  Having the chance to really say goodbye helped me a great deal.
When I first got to Salt Lake and our new house I cried like a baby.  I wasn’t ready for a new life and I didn’t want to leave my home.
Looking back, I know that my parents made the right decision (since Utah had the winter Olympics in 2002 and I got to see two Canada games in person).  Utah was the best place for us.  With that being said, I still think about my childhood and Canada everyday.  I miss so many things from there.  Going to Blue Jay games and watching the CFL. Getting Tim bits and pounding four subs at Mikes. Wondering what kind of meat we were eating at Harvey’s but still going there all the time anyway.  Playing basketball games on tile floors and hanging with my cousins. Going to the rec center for just about everything from swimming to floor hockey.  Playing hockey in the streets and riding the city bus everywhere.  It was all a blast!  It was a great place to grow up and I will never forget it.I will always be a Canadian at heart no matter how long I am gone.  Its was and always will be, My Home.

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