Utah Jazz Need To Say Goodbye To Mo

NBA free agency opens up in a just under 2 weeks and most GM’s have a lot of decisions to make before that time.  What players will fit their system?  Who of their own free agents do they try to bring back or even make offers to?  Who do they pursue to round out their roster?  The one question that Utah Jazz general manager Dennis lindsey doesn’t have to ask is whether to bring back point guard Mo Williams.
According to Mark Spears of Yahoo! Sports Williams would only re-sign with the Jazz if he remains the starter.  If Yahoo! Sports source is accurate then there is no way you can even make an offer to Williams.  First off, why would you want to have players on your roster that aren’t willing to earn their spot.  Some might say that Williams earned it last year but i don’t agree with that one bit.  Just because Mo was the starting point guard last year on a team that didn’t make the playoffs doesn’t mean he should be a starter this year.
Secondly, If he is going to make demands like that as a free agent then what kind of crap is he going to pull if you re-sign him.  You will have already given in to him once so what makes you think he won’t push for more.  What happens if the Jazz bring him back and Burke beats him out?  How will that affect the locker room and all the young guys in there? Do you want another Raja Bell disaster on your hands?  We all know how well that turned out.  Paying a guy to be at home for a season and a half wasn’t good business.
Even before this report came to light I thought it was time to move on from Mo Williams.  Now there is no doubt in my mind!  You don’t want an entitled veteran poisoning your locker room and organization.  If you need someone to mentor Trey Burke then bring in a team first guy.  Someone who cares about winning and team and not about individual success.  Someone who knows when its time to step aside and let Burke have the reigns but still be willing to help along the way.
From what I’ve seen the last few years that guy might be Jamaal Tinsley.  He’s willing to come off the bench while still being a leader.  He knows what it means to have success in the NBA and what it means to work.  He also knows the pitfalls very well and can lead Burke around them.  On top of all that, he is a substantially cheaper option for the Jazz.  It seems like the only logical choice for the Jazz brass is to say goodbye to Mo.

One thought on “Utah Jazz Need To Say Goodbye To Mo

  1. Think you’re exactly right. There’s no point potentially preventing instant improvements from Burke by playing Williams. The drop-off in talent should be minimal if any and Burke can begin to make the team his own from the start of his pro career.


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