My Utah Jazz First Round Draft Picks

The player’s invitations to the green room have been made, the GM’s are finishing up their final player assessments and most NBA fans are already at the edge of their seats waiting for Thursday night. I am one of those fans.  The NBA draft for me is a lot like Christmas morning for a little kid.  I can’t wait to see what is left under the tree for me.

With the draft being only 3 days away it’s time for me to put on my GM hat and tell you who the Utah Jazz should take with their first round picks and why.  Obviously I’m not going to say something ridiculous like trade Jeremy Evans for the second pick and take Ben McLemore.  Everything I’m going to suggest is at the least very realistic.  It’s all based on projections and not just pipe dreams.  I, like everyone else, would love to see someone like Trey Burke slip to 21 and Victor Oladipo fall to 14 but none of that if going to happen.  Here’s who I would take if they are still left under the (Christmas) tree when the Jazz make their picks.

With the 14th pick in the Jay draft the Utah Jazz select….Shane Larkin.  5’11” guard out of the University of Miami.  I don’t think the Jazz brass are leaning this way but this is who I would take.  Larkin has a nice stroke from the outside and is great in the pick and roll.  He is a freak athletically and a great on ball defender.  He will have trouble guarding the post but at the 14 spot every guy is going to have some flaws.  The most important thing about Shane is that he knows what it means to be a Professional.  Being the son of a Hall of Fame baseball he has seen that his entire life.  The NBA stage shouldn’t be too big for him.  The Jazz pick will end up being Dennis Schroeder.  He’s not ready to play right away but he is long and athletic.  Schroeder reminds a lot of people of a young Rajon Rondo.  I’m always nervous when guys don’t put up numbers where they play.  If he wasn’t ready for the German league what makes you think he will be ready for the NBA.

With the 21st pick in the Jay draft, the Utah jazz select…Tony Mitchell. 6’8” power forward out of North Texas.  Mitchell would be a wonderful fit for the Jazz to take Paul Millsap’s place in the rotation.  Mitchell is a great shot blocker and a good rebounder.  His offensive game isn’t there yet but he can still average 10 point a night because of his hustle.  Taking Tony at 21 would mean the Jazz could go move past Millsap and Jefferson and go young.  The other guy I would love to see the Jazz take at this spot is Sergey Karasev.  He was a beast last year in Russia and looks NBA ready right now.  I don’t think there is any way he will slip this far but if he does, the Jazz need to jump all over it.

Now that you know who I would take if I was making the decisions on draft night for the Utah Jazz feel free to do the same by commenting below.

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