My Musings After Game 6

Last night’s game 6 of the NBA finals was an epic battle between great teams. With that being said, it wasn’t good basketball.  The three best players on the floor all shot less than 43% with Tony Parker shooting a putrid 6 for 23 from the field.  He wasn’t the only Spur that was awful last night though.  Manu Ginobili had more turnovers than shot attempts and made some brutal decisions down the stretch.  The only thing worse than Ginobili’s performance last night was the job the officials did.

I’m not going to say that the refs cost the Spurs the game.  I don’t think that was the case.  I’m not going to talk about the last two Spurs possessions in overtime.  I’m not going to discuss if Manu travelled or if he was fouled going to the rim.  I’m not even going to talk about the final shot by Danny Green which got “blocked” by Chris Bosh.  My thoughts are much deeper than that.  There are more than a few things that worry me about how the NBA game is called in general, not just last night.

The first thing that drives me nuts is, that if it’s a foul in the first minute of the first game of the season it should be a foul it the last minute of overtime in the NBA finals.  The game needs to be officiated the same no matter the time or the score.  If there is a foul or a travel it needs to be called.  The argument that I’ve heard against this, is that you need to let players decide the game, not the refs.  Well for all of you geniuses out there who agree with this, here is where you are dead wrong.  If the ref make a call in a big spot he isn’t deciding the game.  HE’S DOING HIS JOB.  The player who committed the foul decided the game by choosing to foul.  The second thing that I can’t stand is the travelling call (or lack thereof) in the NBA game.  It just needs to be called.  No one should be able to get away taking four steps while on the post or going to the rim.  Every kid watching at home knows it’s a travel so why don’t the refs.  The third thing is the consistency of how the game is called.  If it’s a foul when Wade goes to the basket and gets bumped it should be for Boris Diaw as well.  There shouldn’t be any favoritism or star treatment.  If you are one of the best players in the world you shouldn’t need such a thing.

I know officiating is a very difficult thing to do and that calls will be missed, but not as many as are during every game.  It’s a ridiculous amount.  For those of you who say that the refs can’t see everything, well maybe we need to have a fourth set of eyes on the court so the job gets done right.

One thought on “My Musings After Game 6

  1. Something to chew on. Ever since David Stern became commissioner of the NBA the league began to change. The focus was no longer on great basketball and the game of finesse and skill it had always been. The focus shifted to personalities, stars, bigger than life story-lines, and the replacement of finesse and skill with size and physicality. One consequence of this shift was the increased difficulty in determining what is or isn’t a foul in a game that has gotten far too physical. Basketball was not meant to be a heavy contact sport, but in our society, physical confrontation seems to have become a sport in and of itself and the viewing public apparently approves of Wrestling with the Wroundball. I see Stern as the modern day PT Barnum. Style over substance. He’s ruined the game in my opinion and what’s even sadder is the NBA rough-house style of basketball is being played at the lower levels too. Prolific shooters like Jimmer Fredette are no longer a premium in the league unless they also sport a 6′ 8″ frame and can bang. Pistol Pete and Jerry West would have no chance in today’s league. But what does money care? Or the average fan who just wants to see bodies fly followed by fists? Yes I’m jaded.


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