The Broken Rule

My least favorite thing about sports is the one and done rule in college basketball. It has all but ruined the college game and the NBA game isn’t much better off. It is next to impossible to draft now since very few players are ready for the league when they declare. Not only are players not ready physically but most aren’t ready emotionally or mentally either. Financial stability seems to be the only upside that comes from players leaving early to reach their dreams. That also comes with a price. Throwing millions of dollars at a 19 year old kid who has plenty of time on their hands isn’t exactly a recipe for long term financial growth. The money doesn’t last all that long when you don’t understand what you need and who you can trust.  Even hundreds of millions of dollars doesn’t last if you aren’t careful. Just ask Antoine Walker, Kenny Anderson or Scottie Pippen about that. I know when I was 19 I wasn’t mature enough to handle that kind of money.  I’m not sure I am now to be honest and that’s without posse’s and leaches.

                If the NBA and the NCAA can’t get together to fix this problem then both games will continue to suffer.  Most importantly so will the fans, who love this game so much that they still, watch even though it can at times be almost unbearable.  As painful as the NBA game can be, the college game has taken an even bigger hit. Look at the University Of Texas as a perfect example. This year’s roster would have a couple of returning stars guards and a dominant big man. I’m sure there would be Final Four buzz all over Austin. Instead of being the big man on campus Tristan Thompson is playing catch up while trying to help the Cleveland Cavaliers out of the seller.  Cory Joseph is a backup guard for the San Antonio Spurs who barely sees any time. In fact at one point during this season he asked to be demoted to the NBDL just so he could get playing time.  And then there’s Myck Kybongo.  He probably wouldn’t have missed most of his sophomore season due to suspension and would have been a perfect third option to Thompson and Joseph. Instead he is going through workouts hoping to find his way into the bottom of the first round of the upcoming NBA draft.

                The NBA needs to go back to a rule where you have to be a junior just to enter the draft unless there is hardship involved. That would give players the opportunity to develop all the way around.  I’m sure GM’s and scouts wouldn’t mind it either.  It would make their jobs so much easier to do.  I’m sure the Cavs would like that chance. 

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