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Jordan Burton of SB Nation’s Mid-Major Madness delivered his sweet 16 recruiting rankings for basketball, and the BYU Cougars came in at No. 3.

Talking about the Cougars’ recruiting efforts, Burton wrote, “As the saying goes, quality over quantity, and this class has two REALLY quality players in Kolby Lee and Christian PoPoola. Lee is a four-star 6’9 wide body from Idaho. Great hands and feet will make him an opponent’s nightmare. PoPoola has elite athleticism in his 6’4 frame. He played at Bishop Gorman, which has produced its fair share of freshman sensations including Gonzaga’s Zach Collins. PoPoola turned down Oklahoma, USC and Washington State. Both are college ready.”

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It has been an exciting month for most of the former Cougars playing basketball around the globe. Tyler Haws returned to the floor and has put up some good numbers, while Charles Abouo has been on a nice scoring clip. Brandon Davies has been a big piece of the best team in France, which has advanced to the semifinals in the Basketball Champions League, while Trent Plaisted is finding his niche on a very successful team in Japan.

Here is a look at where the former Cougars are playing around the world and how they have performed recently.

Charles Abouo, Denain (France-ProB)

Abouo has been very productive on the offensive end over the last month as he scored in double figures during his last five games. One of his best recent performances came in a 75-69 win over Saint Chamond when he totaled 15 points on 6 for 13 shooting from the floor, including 2 for 5 from beyond the arc and 1 for 1 from the foul line. He added four rebounds, three assists, two blocks and a steal in 26 minutes.

In 25 games, he is averaging 9.8 points on 45.8 percent shooting from the floor, including 42.9 percent from 3-point range with 3.6 rebounds, 1.2 assists and 1.0 steals in 20.2 minutes.

Rashaun Broadus, Vechta, (Germany-BBL)

Broadus has had his ups and downs playing for one of the bottom teams in Germany. One of his best games, came in an 89-76 win over Ewe Baskets when he finished with 14 points on 4 for 7 shooting from the floor, including a make on his only 3-point shot and 5 for 8 from the foul line. He added a game-high nine assists, three rebounds and a steal in 28 minutes.

In nine games in Germany, he is averaging 6.1 points, 4.8 assists, 1.4 rebounds and 1.4 steals in 20.8 minutes.

In 10 games in Lithuania, he averaged 7.3 points on 46.9 percent shooting from 3-point range with 3.2 assists and 2.0 rebounds in 20.1 minutes.

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Many NBA players are up in arms and showing their displeasure for late game meaningless buckets in games that are already decided.

First it was Washington guard, Brandon Jennings who took exception to JaVale McGee taking a late three by shoving the Warriors’ big man in a 139-115 blowout win for Golden State. A similar occurrence happened Tuesday night when a handful of Toronto Raptors lost their cool after Lance Stephenson strolled to the rim for one of the easiest baskets you will ever see in a 108-90 win for the Pacers.

DeMar DeRozan and P.J. Tucker went after Stephenson and received technical fouls in the process.

Tucker didn’t mince words talking about the late lay-up repeatedly calling it both tasteless and classless.

Stephenson’s take on the subject was a little different. He apologized, saying “I didn’t mean no harm,” before explaining why he did what he did. “The crowd was chanting me on, and I just wanted to do it for the fans.”

Finally, someone thinking about the fans. After all, they are the ones who paid ridiculous amounts of money to come and watch you play the game. Who cares that a guy got a meaningless bucket or took an unnecessary three at the end of a blowout game? I sure don’t!

If players have a problem with it, there is a simple solution – play until the horn goes off. The game lasts for 48 minutes, so feel free to play the whole time, and not just until the game is decided. And spare me all the talk about unwritten rules and playing the game the right way. That all got thrown out the window years ago when refs stopped calling travels and guys started stacking teams to go title hunting.

If you want to be respected on the floor, then do us all a favor and play until the whistle blows. That is what we paid to see, and what you are paid to do.