The Matt Carlino Tracker: Game 1

I was very fond of Matt Carlino when he played for the Cougars and was saddened to hear the news that he decided to transfer for his senior season.  I liked his toughness, admired his shot making ability and appreciated his fearlessness.

Even though he is gone on to Marquette – my thought is, once a Cougar, always a Cougar, so I have decided to follow his exploits in the Big East and to share them with other Carlino and BYU fans.

Carlino opened up his Golden Eagle career in winning fashion as Marquette knocked off Tennessee-Martin 79-63 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Friday night.  Carlino was in the starting lineup and showing his ability to run the offense and also hit the outside shot to help space the floor for new coach Steve Wojciechowski.

He got Marquette started on the right foot early in the game when he assisted on the first three baskets of the season before making a big 3-point shot to tie the game at 11.  After the impressive start, he slowed down because of some early foul trouble.  The second half started out the same way as the first with Carlino assisting on the first three Golden Eagle baskets to stretch the lead to 14.

The game ended with Carlino playing 27 minutes and leading Marquette with seven assists.  He also totaled 11 points on 4 of 9 shooting from the field, including 2 of 4 from distance.

Up next for Carlino and the Golden Eagles is a trip to face the nationally ranked Ohio State Buckeyes on Tuesday night.

5 thoughts on “The Matt Carlino Tracker: Game 1

  1. Come on man. He bailed because he knew collinsworth was going to get all the minutes and at best he was going to be the third scoring option. Dude was part of 4 different teams. Can you say primadonna. IU to UCLA to BYU to Marquette. If he couldn’t be the star he wasn’t interested


  2. Why the vitriol?

    He contributed to our team for three years and some of it was very very good. Some of it not outstanding but here is a young man who tried very hard and provided some of the best defense on the guard line we have had recently.

    Sure he chose to leave, but why take offense at that. Even if you didn’t like him why declare it publicly. I would hope others would treat me better.


    1. Because of the circumstances in which he left. I could understand if BYU was down or he stopped getting any minutes, but he left because he couldn’t accept the fact that he needed to improve. Although you have to wonder if it didn’t a have a little to do with the fact he wasn’t LDS. I really admire Dave Rose but this isn’t the first time. Remember Michael Llyod Jr. Only LDS players allowed to shine at BYU. Could that be it?


  3. I was grateful he chose BYU for as long as he did. The game is about playing time for someone with his talent and his position was getting crowded at BYU. I hope this turns out to be a great move for Matt.


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