For the love of the game

Tonight I played pickup basketball for the first time, in what seems like forever and I forgot how much I truly missed it.  The bulk of my life from age 14 to 32, was spent on the court.  In fact the only thing I did more than play basketball was sleep.
Even though I know I will barely be able to move in the morning, it was worth it.  My jumper wasn’t falling and I was even slower on defense than before, but It still reminded me of what brought me so much joy in my younger days.  There are few things better in life than a night when you are on fire on the court.  When the basket feels as big as the ocean and what ever you throw up goes in.  I was lucky enough to have my fair share of those nights when I was playing all the time. The important thing was that those nights were validation for all the hours of hard work I put in to make myself a good shooter.  Those kinds of nights were also my motivation to work harder, because that feeling is unbelievable and I wanedt to experience it again.
I need to make a real effort to get back on the floor on a much more regular basis.  Hopefully my body will hold up during this attempt and that I can get my legs back, so basketball can be part of my life again.

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