Why I Write

It has been a couple of days since I have been able to put pen to paper.  My work life has gotten very busy all of a sudden and it has changed my routine.  Hopefully it only lasts for a week or two so I can finish all the things I’ve started.  I had people ask me during that time, “why does it matter if I write everyday”?  I thought about that for only a few minutes before the answers started flooding into my head.  

The first reason is I absolutely love sports.  I enjoy reading, writing and listening to them and I even try to still play a few times a week.  The second reason is, I’ve always had a really strong opinion about a lot of topics but especially sports.  I love talking about trades, and prognosticating on how things will play out.  I love looking at the history of schools and franchises and decided who and what made them great. Doing that is a thrill for me.  The third and probably most important reason I write every day is because it is a release for me.  It’s my therapy!  I can loose myself in what i am writing about for a few minutes and concentrate solely on that effort.  During that time I don’t have any worries or cares and that is a very nice thing.  Writing is a way for me to leave the stress of daily life behind for a little while and focus on something that I am deeply passionate about.  when I was younger, I relieved that stress by playing as many sports as a could.  Now that i’m getting older and my body is breaking down, I can’t play multiple games a night like I used to so writing about them seemed like the natural alternative.

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